The History of KIX FM in Wellington

KIX FM Was originally a fully commercial radio station with studios in central Lower Hutt, Wellington New Zealand in 1995. All the on-air staff were volunteers and new to radio. After the station went off-air many of the original staff went on to work at some of the New Zealand’s biggest radio stations including Mike Currie (Thrasher) now on Radio Hauraki, Spiros Foundoulakis More FM Wellington, Kris Miller The Breeze in Wellington and David Cunningham (deceased) Port FM in Timaru.

After going off-air it was resurrected in 2001 as a Low-Power-FM radio station and is completely commercial free. Originally on 106.7FM, then 88.7 FM and now 87.6FM (Since 2010). The station now streams on the internet and is completely automated.


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